Lab Ceramics

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We are so much more than just scientific glassware experts. 
Our lines of laboratory porcelain and ceramics are of excellent quality and provenance, and of course are extremely popular with our clients.

This laboratory porcelain is the result of many years research and specialised experience. 
It is well known by its high chemical thermal resistance.
The bearers of these properties are well developed mullite crystals (3Al2O3 2SiO2), not only increasing the softening point, but also ensuring both high mechanical resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Thus the material is capable of withstanding high thermal shocks. To assure the high quality of laboratory porcelain only high grade raw materials are used.
The content of clay expresses the difference between the laboratory porcelain and ordinary technical porcelain.The phase diagram illustrates the position of the laboratory porcelain in the range of high thermal stability and resistance.
The high softening point makes it possible to use glazed articles under suitable conditions at temperatures up to 1100ºC, unglazed articles up to 1350ºC.
This laboratory porcelain meets all current standards. The dimensions are also in accordance with latest recommendations of ISO/TC 48.
The high quality and its stability are assured by steady control of the body and the production technology.


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